Neighborhood Net Rates & Policies

Open Rate 4x Rate 12x Rate
Full Page $300.00 $270.00 $210.00
Half Page $175.00 $157.50 $122.50
Third Page $140.00 $126.00 $98.00
Quarter Page $100.00 $90.00 $70.00
Sixth Page $80.00 $72.00 $56.00
Eighth Page $60.00 $54.00 $42.00
Card Ad $40.00 $36.00 $28.00
Rate Holder $25.00 $22.50 $17.50

Policies and Rate Information

  • Four-times multiple insertion rates are 20% less than the Open Rate and require four insertions in an eight week period.
  • Advance payment for all four ads is required at placement of first ad in order to receive discount.
  • Twelve-times multiple insertion rates are 30% less than the Open Rate and require twelve insertions in a twelve month period. Advance payment for four of the twelve ads is required at placement of first ad in order to receive discount.
  • Ad composition is included in the ad rate.
  • Photography for ads is provided at no charge, based upon time and availability.
  • Discounted pick-up rates are available for ads run in multiple publications produced byTMedia. (See Below)
  • Terms: Payment is due upon presentation of invoice and publication for established accounts in good standing. All other accounts shall be paid before advertising is printed until credit established.
  • Advertising space deadline is noon on the Thursday before publication. Space reservation is considered a firm commitment; if a space reservation is not canceled before the deadline, the space will be billed.
  • All rates are non-commissionable.

Pick Up Rate for Multiple Publications

T Media produces several publications throughout East and Southeast Texas. It is our policy to provide a significantly discounted pickup rate for ads placed in multiple publications. Currently, we offer a pick-up rate equal to 50% of the rate paid in the first publication, after any applicable contract discounts have been taken.

Insertion Rates

We offer insertion service for mailed copies of our publications. Because postal rates and policies are subject to change, please contact your representative for more information.

We will make every effort to see that all advertising copy is correctly printed. The publisher assumes no liability or financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising, but will reprint, without charge, that part of an advertisement in which an error has occurred provided that a claim is made within 5 days of publication. However, any advertisement that has been proofed and approved by the advertiser will not be eligible for a credit of any kind. The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from any advertisement or the omission of the advertisement itself will in no way exceed the amount of the charge for the space occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion. There will be no punitive damages paid in the case where an advertisement is inadvertantly omitted from the newspaper.

lso, the publisher takes no responsibility for statements or claims made in any advertisement, and will upon request, reveal the name and address of the person or persons responsible for placing any display advertisement, political or otherwise, except for “blind” box ads. Requests will be taken for specific ad placement. However, there is no absolute guarantee these requests can be honored. There will be no credit applied in regards to ad placement. We reserve the right to reject advertisements which we deem unsuitable for our publications. Every effort will be made to verify the legitimacy and propriety of all ads for the protection of our readers.